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...is an energetic editor, features writer and poet who speaks French. This Blog explores current events and thought, mystical topics, God, Nature, and the Universe thru fiction, non-fiction, poetry and ways to laugh out loud. This Grotto will explore all that is - both SEEN and UnSEEN. These include love, prosperity, inner-peace and some magical keys to simply and effectively unlock your huge potential NOW! I hope to raise a few Botox-free eyebrows and help people walk into the Mystic. I'll be writing about the serious and the silly too! Believe me when I tell you that things do change one idea, one action, one person at a time! Help a "a somebody" meditate, think, dance and generate your powerful energy and amp up theirs too! Through my articles, fiction and poetry, I am going to dig until I find diamonds! I know my Blog design needs a makeover but so does Lady Ga-Ga. Right? Thank you, ~ Mystic Amy

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