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Monday, November 9, 2009

We Know More than We Know We Know

You've heard people say, "follow your gut" or your intuition, and when you don't you end up kicking yourself for not having followed your instinct. Sometimes its inaudible or it is a little whisper and if you are lucky, it will smack you on the head and say, "Look here, do this and don't be afraid about the outcome," it'll serve you well. We all have instincts, hunches and little bits of wisdom that we never follow. Our inner compass is usually dead on though.

Think of intuition as your inner Jesus, a little Ram Das, Buddha, or the little engine that could. Even Prince Charles once opined, "Buried deep within each and every one of us, there is an instinctive, heartfelt awareness that provides—if we allow it to—the most reliable guide as to whether or not our actions are really in the long-term interests of our planet and all the life it supports." The Prince, on listening to our hunches, added that intuition leans toward "more to the common sense emanating from our hearts." In the 21st century, Prince Charles, and other celebrities as well as professionals in the field of psychology, have plenty of company. Psychologists, writers, counselors, self-help speakers and your next door neighbor have an opinion on developing your sixth sense, channelling your inner wisdom and unlocking our subconscious and collective minds.

Books on the subject of spiritual intuition, healing hunches and instinctual learning claim to guide us on our intuitive path, guide us toward intuitive healing, learning, spirituality, investing and managing our businesses and personal lives. Mystic Amy says, read all about those things and go to the seminars, but intuition is something you don't have to cultivate: It's just there and it's your choice to follow or not. It also may have to do with self-esteem, not trusting yourself. Remember the Little engine that Could? Well, he did make it up that hill and so can you because intuition is your personal best friend. Don't abandon your rational thinking, just be keenly aware of your own intuition and follow it.

Psychology Today reported that cognitive science is revealing a fascinating unconscious mind that Freud never told us about: "Thinking occurs not onstage but offstage, out of sight. Studies of automatic processing, subliminal priming, implicit memory, heuristics, right-brain processing, instant emotions, nonverbal communication and creativity unveil our intuitive capacities. Thinking, memory and attitude operate on two levels: the conscious/deliberate and the unconscious/automatic. "Dual processing," researchers call it. We know more than we know we know."

Does intuition operate outside of conscious awareness? Researchers suggest that notion is hard to accept. Mystic Amy believes they operate in conjunction with one another.

As I write this blog, my intuition tells me that this is an interesting article that will stir up peoples' imaginations at least, and hopefully my article won't make patrons to the Grotto of Mystic Amy puke right off the bat, so I keep writing. I've followed my intuition so many times and found that it was the right action to take 100% of the time. I'm sure you've had instances where you heard that little voice within and wished you had paid it your full attention.

Fortunately in the age of nano bytes, Twitter and brief meetings with strangers, our intuition may be all that we have to size someone or something up. And our brains are wired to respond in a nano second. In the end, follow your intuition and you'll be glad of it. Self-help books, so-called intuitive coaches should just stay on the shelf or sit on the couch, because you are the final, unique guide for your own journey.

By - Mystic Amy
AKA - Amy Frerichs-Soukup

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  1. Nice start. Keep it up. I'll be a follower!

  2. Merci beaucoup. I'm also on HubPages, try it out, Rich.

  3. Great post. I loved the one about Mary and can't wait to see your point of view on Mary Mags.. And the one about Riches, plus that one about wisdom and abundance. Keep it up, please. Your writing is very good and unusual

  4. please write more. I love your hub too.

  5. Hello readers. Thanks for your comments and interest. I had to take a hiatus for a time, but all is well and I am writing again. I will explore the topics I suggested and that you are eager to read. I hope you'll enjoy my future writings. Mary Magdelaines's life will be my next topic, written in an historical/fiction manner. So, please expect to see more from, Mystic Amy. Blessings to you all ....