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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Riches anyone? Well, we all deserve riches and I mean the kinds of riches that make life a happy endeavor. So how do we attain riches? Most times they're right under your nose: your shelter, your bed, your kids and yes, your finances. First, start off being grateful for what you do have, even a morsel of brain food will do, not to mention being grateful for your body, mind and soul. These are uniquely yours and part of the One, universal mind substance.

Tapping into formless matter with specific images of what you desire will soon become a realty. Believe me, as I knew it was true when I divined my house, hardwood flooring and all. That is what I wrote down, spoke out load, like a prayer, and then acted upon even with the slightest effort. Faith plays a hug part in the attaining of things on the material plane.

Never doubt yourself or what it is that you are trying to attain. Cast your doubts aside like unwanted swine slop; and, when people say negative comments like, "Oh yeah, you'll get rich just thinking about it", they have lost the faith and can't divine anything from the universal mind substance and the collective unconscious. We tend to think things must be made by our hands, instruments that were once imagined by someone and tools that were made by hands. But, all things reside in plenty for all, and don't think you are taking away from another by gaining for yourself. God wants us to be happy - it pleases Him to the utmost. Everything we need and want is there for the asking, as I have said.

It boils down to the power of prayer, but not prayer in the moral majority sense: Speak out loud that which you want to receive, write it down and be as clear as you can about what it is you desire, it will come to you. There are many books on similar subjects like, The Secret, the Law of Attraction, and others that explore this subject in detail. Some of what is out there is so esoteric as to be a bummer to read. This is not a philosophy it is TRUTH.

Three Ways to Divine Riches or anything else you Heart Desires:

First, start by getting a clear image of that house you've dreamed about, or whatever you're hoping Spirit will bring you. Then speak it out loud as a prayer. Finally, write it down in as clear a way as you can. Next, wait for it to come to fruition. Remember that you must ask without the notion of harming anyone else to receive it or to one-up your neighbor. Recall, that I said there is enough to go around.

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